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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Why Have Health Insurance?

Most people need medical care at some point, even though no one plans to get sick or hurt. Health insurance will protect you from medical costs that can quickly add up. Medical bills are one of the reasons why people file for bankruptcy.

Health insurance will help keep you healthy by covering preventive care, like screenings and vaccines, which will be able to catch problems earlier. Without health insurance, it may be difficult to get follow up care after an accident and you will get treated in an emergency room, but rehab or follow up care can get very expensive.

If you have qualifying coverage, you won't have to pay a penalty in Arizona. You won't be able to sign up for coverage at the time of an accident either. There is a waiting period for coverage and you have to sign up during open enrollment or after a qualifying life event.

There are ways to offset coverage costs for those with low and moderate incomes and they may be eligible for subsidies and tax credits for those in the marketplace plans.

Health Insurance in Arizona

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, Arizona decided to participate in the federal health insurance exchange. Those in Arizona can buy an ACA health plan, either on the federal marketplace or privately during the open enrollment period or within 30 days of a life event such as a marriage, divorce, change in job or birth of a child.

Plans can vary on what is covered, but if it's an ACA compliant plan, there will be coverage for preventive services and you will have coverage for any preexisting condition. You can get individualized coverage as well as coverage for families. Due to funding, Arizona no longer accepts applications for the CHIP program, KidsCare. For questions on what is covered under certain plans, ask an agent at Grandidge-Group Insurance.

Call or visit Grandidge-Group Insurance in Arizona to speak with an insurance agent about a health insurance policy. We can work with you to get the medical plan you need.