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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Arizona Commercial Insurance Policies

It's never that easy to nurture a business startup into a successful and well-established venture. It requires a lot of time, patience, and more importantly a partner who will be there to protect your business from suffering significant financial losses when the worst happens. Grandidge-Group Insurance underwrites commercial insurance in Arizona that is meant to protect your enterprise from unforeseen circumstances that can lead to substantial financial losses. Our commercial insurance covers your business assets, property, and income against a wide range of potential losses.

We Cover Claims Against Your Business

Our commercial insurance in Arizona covers all claims against your enterprise by third parties. These claims can be as a result of accidents that may occur on your business premises or bodily injury to third parties which your business may be legally liable. We shall make sure that you only pay for the damages if you are legally responsible for the bodily injury depending on where the accident occurred.

We Also Cover Your Business Property

We protect the structure of your building and the inventory inside it. For instance, if your business is damaged by fire, we shall meet the cost of repair and also replace everything that was in it. No need to worry if your business assets are destroyed or stolen since we got you covered.

Business Interruption Policy

The business interruption coverage is also part of our commercial insurance policy. We know that most of your income comes from your business operations. We shall be there to replace any lost revenue and all increased expenses if your business operations are affected by any occurrence. For instance, if a fire breaks out and makes your business premises uninhabitable, we may help you rent a new business premise elsewhere as you deal with the repairs at your location. We shall also replace any income that you may lose in the process of shifting from one location to another.

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